10 06 2008

So the place I wanted to go to lunch with Amanda?  Closed.  Argh!  Every time I want/am able to go there they are closed.  Wednesday through Saturday are ridiculous hours!

I woke up not to long ago after being up on Skype with Amanda for a super long time.  The dreams I had were pretty bizarre!  And I’m just super excited that I am dreaming again and can remember them.  Second semester I wasn’t getting a lot of sleep, so I could never recall any of my dreams!

The first one was 5AG Lauren was hanging out at my house, except it was my old house in Tennessee.  All I remember of that is her puking little orange trails all over the upstairs landing, so she had to leave.  And then I had to go up there and clean up with a Swiffer mop because my dream-mom claimed that it worked on carpet.  And Lauren had somehow gotten some of the vomit on her hand so there was some on the banister so I had to wipe that up too.  I would be more grossed out if it weren’t so funny that I’m having dreams about 5AG.  I know why I had this dream though; before I went to bed I was watching devilishlypure videos where she talks about getting sick after the Yule Ball.  That’ll do it!  Oh, okay one more fiveawesomegirl thing and then I promise I’m done for this post.  Hahaha, my mom came in when I was watching one of Lauren’s vlog-y videos and was like “oh sorry are you talking to someone on the internet?”  Wow.  She has no idea.

My second dream was kinda of scary.  Apparently I had somehow ended up committing fraud to purchase a race motorcycle or car online.  And I was trying to sell it online to get rid of it and to get the money back I never had in the first place.  But the race bike/car also came with a case of cigars, so I was like “okay, now I am triple dead.”  So, I baked the receipt into a muffin and hid that muffin in the giant box fan in my room.  Okay, the end doesn’t really make sense, but my parents found the cigars and were like where did these come from and I played the oblivious card.  But then some random authority figure lady found the muffin and told me to take the receipt out as if she knew I was behind it all along.  But I still lied and pretended I didn’t know what was going on.  Anyway, just a bad situation that made me feel very uncomfortable.

I don’t have neat pictures to put in because I just woke up, and I haven’t done anything really worth picture taking lately.  I’m driving to Tennessee tomorrow so maybe I can get both a vlog and blog out of that.  Oh, and I just read over that last sentence.  Let me clarify:  my family and I are going.  And it’s possible that I will be conscripted to drive :[

Finally, Twilight Tuesday!  Ugh, why did Twilight Source have to get my hopes up by saying this:

My guess is that actors will be coming along to do some meet-and-greets.

Erm, no.  Stephenie is just going to four really large venues and which will include a concert with Blue October?  I think?  No one I read has flat out said that’s what it is, but that is the gist I got.  I listened to the songs the Lexicon recommended, and they were just okay.  I understand that Stephenie used them when writing New Moon and Eclipse but I am very picky when it comes to what I add to my playlist.  His music to me sounds so mellow-blah.  I mean if others like it, that’s great.  I’m just not jumping up and down, but I promise I won’t grumble about it not being Muse.  I might consider going to the one in Chicago, and hopefully I can get Amanda or possibly my new Twilighter Briana to go with me.




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