Hello world! [& 5AG]

10 06 2008

Well, I’m going to be a total n00b and leave the title as WordPress had it!  So, welcome to my 10 billionth blog.  I probably have a huge carbon footprint just on all the empty internet space I have wasting away.  Such a shame.

You know who I love?  The fiveawesomegirls.  You know what I hate?  The ability of YouTube to make me feel like a complete stalker.  But there is honestly a difference between admiring and stalking.  For instance:  Trying to locate the cafe John Green frequents.  Erm, borderline stalking.  But a good stalking, okay?  Not like “I’m gonna hunt you down and kill youuuu!”  More of a “I love everything you and Hank have done, and Looking for Alaska is in my top three favorite books” kind of stalker.  And on the off-chance that I go manic, I’m pretty sure John could take me, guys.

Anyway, the fiveawesomegirls!  I’ve been fortunate to cross paths with four out the five!  Before I had even started getting seriously active on YouTube Liane subscribed to me and left a comment on one of my early craptastic vlogs.  This was before 5AG had even started!  So, one day this year I was trolling my subscriptions I saw her and was like “uhhhh, hello.  When did this happen?  JOKES!”  Next was Lauren.  I asked her if I could use “Nerdfighterlike” in one of my videos and she said yes!  Lame, I know, but to me it’s like if Keira Knightley replied to my fan letter (and no, I haven’t ever written fan mail).

I’m pretty sure next was Kristina!  She replied to a comment I left on one of her videos saying she looked like a vampire.  And recent Kayley both subscribed and has been leaving me comments!!  Documentation of the epic moment is posted below.  Ugh, trying desperately not to fan girl…

So pretty much, Hayley is the only 5AG I haven’t come in contact with.  However, the night is young.  Okayyyyy.  But anyway.  Yeah, YouTube is making me very happy lately.  It’s nice to be appreciated :]  I had probably go to bed if I even remotely plan on waking up tomorrow.  Au revoir.




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10 06 2008
Mr WordPress

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10 06 2008


27 06 2008

YouTube makes me feel like that too sometimes (like now..)
You can’t imagine how excited I was when Kayley left me my first comment ever on my YouTube channel =]

Enjoy your fame btw =p, your subscriber count is exploding!

❤ Sanne

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