I live in a “bearen” household.

23 06 2008

I have literally searched every room in my house.  The upstairs, the downstairs, the basement, the garage.  Closets, cabinets, drawers, under everything.  Not a single bear.  My house is probably the only one in America that does not have teddies on the premises!  This is ridiculous.  While in the basement, I came across a box of stuffed animals from my very early childhood [my parents must be saving them to weep over when I leave].  No Ursus arctos.  I have multiple cats, longhair and shorthair.  I have bunnies.  I even have a freakin’ guinea pig!!  The only bear objects I have come across is a plastic bead on one of my sister’s bracelets and a bear on a picture frame.  Not gonna cut it.


However I did find this adorable carved owl!  It made me think of Kayley.  Owls say hoot!  He’s kind of how I imagined Pig, so he’s gonna hang out with my Potter stuff.  I’ll get a picture of him up later :]







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