I Publicly Fangirled John Green.

27 06 2008

Have you ever made a video, edited the footage, watched it multiple times, posted it on YouTube, made it a response to John’s latest video, and thought huh, why did I think that would be a good idea again?  Pretty much how I felt yesterday.  To the point where I couldn’t sleep.  I turned off my computer at like 8ish because I feared all the mean comments that I was going to get; I had already gotten 1.5 within the three hours I had posted the video.  But when I woke up this morning I found 25 emails in my inbox, most being comments and all nice!

While I’m writing this I just got an email informing me that I have another subscriber!  I think that’s like 96 now!  I’m rapidly approaching 100, and I promised myself I would make a special video for the occasion , but I am fresh out of ideas!  Argh!

Anyway, I want to preserve yesterday forever, so I’m going to document what happened as best as I can:

I was finishing up all the vlogbrother videos.  So I have now officially watched them all.  When I came to the most recent, it was probably approaching an hour after it had been posted.  As soon as I saw Half Price Books, the idea popped into my head.  Uh, okay, wow, I could totally go there, like now and… GET IT!  AHH!  Sure, it was 2:40 in the afternoon, and I hadn’t gotten dressed for the day, let alone shower!  I threw on the quickest thing that didn’t look like pajamas, grabbed my purse with camera & phone, and bolted downstairs to ask Granddad for the car keys.

Why was I so excited?  Looking back, I have no idea.  It was one of those “heat of the moment” things (as the 80s song chimes in my head).  I mean, why do people on Emeril go nuts when he puts garlic in stuff?  I love the vlogbrothers, I love John Green, and I love his books.  Is it wrong that doing something so impulsive beatified me?  If it is, then I don’t want to be right!

As soon as I pulled out of my driveway, the first thing I did was call Amanda.  She wasn’t getting very good reception, so I think for the most part, she had no idea what I was doing.  After hanging up, I took out my video camera and filmed.  It wasn’t too bad getting there, even though I didn’t have my contacts in — reading street signs was a joy.  Mostly I was just worried that the trip would be totally pointless because some — OMG I JUST GOT AN EMAIL SAYING MY VIDEO WAS FAVORITED BY THE VLOGBROTHERS!  AHHHHHH!  😀

Anyway, uh wow.  Okay.  I hope this doesn’t make hoping I won’t get four more subscribers soon too difficult.  But 😀  god, I’m happy!  Okay, where was I before I became to rudely star-struck.  

Right, worrying that some awesome nerdfighter had gotten there before me.  I wouldn’t have been too distraught, but disappointed definitely.  Luckily I tend to be pessimistic with these kind of things and expected it to be long gone.

When Half Price Books was in sight, I was so excited that I turned early and wound up in a parking lot for a dentist office.  By this time I couldn’t be mad at myself, as shear excitement had completely taken over my body.  Once parked in the correct lot, I practically bounced into the store.  I had only been there twice:  the first time I was looking for a hardback copy of Twilight, the second to ask for an application (they never called back :[, but I think they want employees at least 18).  

I vaguely remembered where the Young Adult section was and wandered as calmly as my {gah, stop subscribing!} giddy self would allow.  I whipped out my camera as I looked for the book.  I started looking under G which made absolutely no sense because I knew he signed Maureen Johnson’s book.  Then when I remembered I should be looking under the Js, I couldn’t remember whether G or J came first in the alphabet [in the video you can hear me mutter something along the lines of “I can’t remember the alphabet…”]!  When I found some titles with Maureen’s name, for some reason I automatically jumped to the conclusion that it was gone.  It blended in so well; I expected it to be bigger or something.  Why won’t my nerd-sense tingle when I need it most?!  Finally, some level-headedness kicked in; I caught the title.  My hands started shaking so much that I had to put the camera down just so I could open the book.

And there it was.  John’s signature.  Exactly how I had seen it an hour before.  Except not on my computer.  Not on YouTube.  Not in a video box.  But in my hands.  I felt like I had found the sorcerer’s stone!  Sure, I wasn’t going to get immortality, but I think a book written by Maureen Johnson and signed by John Green in one of his videos is pretty jokes all the same.

I made a beeline to the checkout.  No doubt with a huge grin plastered across my face.  When the cashier asked me if I found everything okay I practically screamed “YES, I DID!” at him.  Whoops!  

On the way back, I called Amanda again, and she finally understood and squee’d with me.  I also filmed some more, but apparrently I didn’t press the start button hard enough because it wasn’t footage of me making the nerdfighter sign [meaning I had no hands on the steering wheel] or thanking John;  uh, no it was me turning off the camera after I had said everything.  

Since posting, not only have I gotten comments from John, Kayley, and other YouTube friends, but also Shawn from the Uncultured Project.  And, while writing this up, nerdfighter tadshackles informed me of being favorited on vlogbrothers.  So, uh pretty good two days, I’d say!  Girl at Sea now rests comfortably on my bookshelf, parked next to my Twilight books.  I have too many things I want to read!  I’ve started The Scarlet Letter which is for school, and I want to read Catcher in the Rye for the blurbing book club [I’ve attempted to read it no less that 4 times, but am determined to now to uphold my nerdfighterly awesomeness].  DFTBA, world.

And that infinite happiness I felt?  I’m pretty sure that’s only a fraction of what John and Hank get from nerdfighters every day :]




9 responses

27 06 2008

That really IS jokes! That’s hella jokes, jokeser than jokes!

28 06 2008

Hi Marion,

you’ve made my day. Raw emotion is something beautiful.

I’ve subscribed to your channel 🙂


30 06 2008
Chris (a.k.a. Scarf)

It’s great to see this kind of thing, I watched the vlogbrothers video, your going-to-get-the-book one and your reaction one all just now and it made me smile so much to see the remix. And to see your reaction to the remix =]

I subscribed to your channel too, look forward to seeing you soon.

2 07 2008

Hey =), u lucky girl :).

4 07 2008

That is truly made of awesome 😀
I can’t even imagine how I would feel if I could get my hands on a such a coveted book like that. Enjoy the book, you deserve it!


7 07 2008

Write another damn entry.
I love you! I shall write one.

8 07 2008

Subscribers: 1,454

And you were doubting 100.


19 07 2008
Little Willow

Girl at Sea is a fantastic book – Maureen’s books are all fantastic, certainly, but Girl at Sea just MIGHT be my favorite book of hers to date! Thanks for sharing your road trip. That video was hysterical and fun.

7 01 2009

I’m fairly certain I would have squeed.

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