EW, I hate “yew!”

11 07 2008

I am mad.  I am mad and stubborn.  Madness (pun intended) and stubbornness are good blog catalysts.  So today I had two things on my list I wanted to get taken care of.  Just two.  I wanted to update my contact prescription and purchase the new issue of Entertainment Weekly.  NEITHER WERE TAKEN CARE OF!!!

Now actually, my first priority was half taken care of:  I did go to Target, but the doctor was out; so, I made an appointment for tomorrow.  And I was worried my SAT class might interfere because I couldn’t remember if Saturdays run longer or not, but luckily it won’t conflict!

But Indiana really ticked me off.  This entire week I’ve been anticipating today because an issue of EW featuring Twilight is released.  Target had an April issue; Walgreens didn’t carry it; the gas station I tried didn’t even sell magazines (wth?); Marsh had the Batman issue.  And I just called Barnes & Noble, and even they only have the Batman issue!  I’m not crazy:  I’ve double and triple checked, I know it comes out today.  JUST EFFING LET ME BUY IT, INDIANA!  So, now all this has put me in a right foul mood.  

Here’s where my stubbornness comes into play:  just because I couldn’t get it today, I’m not going to let myself look at the pictures online.  Nope.  Not gonna do it.  I’m going to buy my magazine and see it there!  BAH!




4 responses

13 07 2008

It says July 18 on the issue. It’s impossible to find anything on the day it’s actually supposed to come out. Sorry babycakes!
🙂 Love you

14 07 2008

You’re slightly odd.

25 07 2008

Ugh, I CANNOT find the Twilight Issue anywhere.
It’s been like a week =/

3 08 2008

It’s amazing

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