22 07 2008

So, this morning Mom wakes me up at 5AM to ride with her to the airport so I can drive the car back.  Besides typical grogginess, I’m alright.  I assume that we’ll park at the airport and go the Starbucks together or sumfin’ like that.  Instead she pulls up the drop off.  The car has less than a quarter tank, so she tosses me a 20 and says I can get home on what I have.  I don’t complain to her, but inside I was rather disappointed.

Now, I have accepted that I have virtually no sense of direction.  No matter how many times I am at that airport, I can never figure out how to get back on the Interstate to get home.  I thought I had gotten back on it, but all of a sudden I was on a two lane highway surrounded by smokestacks billowing god-only-knows what.  Keep in mind that driving already makes me nervous, it’s not even 6:15AM, and I’m alone in an unfamiliar place.  All of a sudden I go into panic mode. I just kept driving the wrong way.  I tried calling mom, but I think I pressed “home” on my phone instead because Dad picks up.  Then I just start blubbering that I’m lost and I don’t where I am.  He was all nice about it and told me to just find a street that goes toward the downtown buildings.  Well of course I couldn’t see the downtown buildings so when I finally found I side road, I went back where I came from and found the Interstate.

What gets me is that after I turned around I started crying.  For the rest if the drive my body was completely rigid and hunched over the steering wheel.  Pathetic.  I usually get frustrated and start cursing at these things, but this time I just freaked.

I really can’t stand driving.  I don’t like having to be responsible for myself or others.  This is why I am going to New York so I never have to drive again.  I can walk, bus, train, or fly.  Not drive.

Ugh, what a way to start the day.




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22 07 2008

Ha, I’m sure each of us has one or twice in his/her lifetime freaked out like you did. Last time when I was in that state of panic, I didn’t cry (much) and almost punch someone who tapped on my shoulder. What I’m trying to say is that you’ll be fine. And that story of mine become one of the funniest story for a month

22 07 2008

I know what you mean about driving. I hate thinking I have the power to kill people. That’s never a good thing. Ever.

I still don’t have my full license yet but I hope to get it soon and get over the whole fear of the responsibility like you said. Agh. Driving is such a stresser.

It always sort of helps me to think “if Bella can drive so can I”. Then I realize I’m a huge dork and probably shouldn’t be allowed out in public. Period.

But the driving thing always bothers me a bit less after that. Cause she drives a truck. A freaking truck. She’s the spazziest person ever and she drives a beast of a vehicle… so I should have no problem.

I just came back from de-charcoaling my house. I left my hot dogs cooking for… well I forgot about them, they decided to burn and fill THE ENTIRE house with smoke and it took me all of a half an hour to de-haze the place. I literally ran from typing this message as soon as I smelled smoke.

I don’t know if I should blog about it cause I don’t know if my parents read my blog. If they do and they read that I almost burned the house down in their absence .. well that wouldnt be good.

talk to you soon hopefully!

[/longest comment evar]

23 07 2008

On the contrary;; I love driving.

I actually like and looove getting lost, I usually find other routes to different places and stuff =), good thing about mexico is that highways arent that hard to get into or out of them.

I’d be your driver if u wanted to :P.

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