I found the catcher in your rye.

25 07 2008

I woke up around 9AM only after an annoying night of insomnia.  My brain was all over the place.  And after I had picked up Mom at the airport, we came home and read a bit in my room.  So she fell asleep in my bed, and I can’t sleep with someone else in my bed.  It’s a queen so it’s not tiny but, I just can’t do it.  So I grabbed a sleeping bag from the hall closet around 2AM and tried to go to sleep on the floor.  Instead I just took notes on my iPhone of everything important that passed through my mind.  When I look at it now, it’s probably going to make no sense at all.  I did have a latte at about 10:45PM while waiting on Mom; maybe not my brightest endeavor.

Ugh, so much I want to write about!  I feel like I should be writing about something with more substance, but what can I say, I like documenting my existence.  ANYWAY…

I was not thrilled about having to get up at nine.  Which yes, I had to because the cleaning ladies were here, and they start in my room.  So I dragged myself downstairs, grabbed an oatmeal raisin cookie, and started mindlessly watching a muted CNBC [my granddad has it on to watch stocks].  I remembered that my friend Jenny at work wanted me to bring her the last two Series of Unfortunate Events books to borrow.  I searched on some of the book shelves in the living room and down in the basement.  I still haven’t found the 12th one.

I didn’t realize how many good books my parents owned until I was unpacking moving boxes and shelving them last July.  I mean, I can’t remember what I thought of all those books growing up as a child; maybe they kinda intimidated me to the point where they just molded into one expansive mass.  But seriously, my parents have some damn good books.

So while the vacuum was going upstairs I started picking out books that I wanted to read from just one of the three shelves in the living room.  The best thing happened when I took Wuthering Heights.  Instead of seeing the back of the book shelf where I have removed it, there was a white cover.  And it was The Catcher in the Rye!  Seriously though folks, you have no idea how long I had been looking for that little bugger.  I was almost certain it was a goner.

But now I really want to catalogue our books.  Or at least arrange them in alphabetical order by author.




One response

27 07 2008

You’re lucky to have so parents who love books. In my house, I’m the only one that read. My mom has a quite number of books but she hardly ever touch it and they are not even my taste. So I got to buy my own books with my own money. 😦

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