Pasta Spoon

25 07 2008

Yes, I’m posting twice in one day.  In one hour…  IT’S MY BLOG!  Plus, this story is so separate that it just needs its own.

Yesterday I was downtown bumming around the Circle Center mall just trying to kill some time until I had to drive to the airport.  I figured I might as well eat something, and I didn’t want crap, so I walked to this moderately nice restaurant called Palominos.  I’m sure the hostess felt just as weird as I did walking in there.  Here’s little sixteen year old me in harem capri pants, a faded Delia’s shirt, and my Rocket Dogs asking for a table for one.  

I only ordered an entrée, a pasta dish, which is good because it was huge.  But right before it came out my server asked me if I wanted a pasta spoon.  I blurted yes which I suppose is better than stalled, confused silence.  When he gave me one, I thought to myself, What the heck, I have know idea how to use a pasta spoon!  I mean, when he asked I couldn’t have said no, because that would just be weird. “No, you can keep your frickin’ pasta spoon!”  Yeah, no.  Still, now that I had it I didn’t want it to just sit there unused because then he’d know that I had no clue what to do with it.

But after messing around with a bit, I made my best guess and used it to help me twirl my noodles.  Pasta spoon.  Yeah.




2 responses

27 07 2008

Lol yeah, I hate it when that happens (the auto “yes” response)! But good for you that you managed to figure out what it’s used for, by your description it sounds like you got it right :>

But yeah, I’ve even met italians that don’t really know about the pasta spoon. I just happen to know because my dad used to tell this story about how he _totally_ impressed this italian chicks parents by asking for a spoon at dinner with her family. They went ecstatic, all emotional like italians supposedly get :p

4 08 2008

hi, I’m italian. I know one can use a spoon in order to help him-sellf twirling noodles, but I’ve never seen anyone using it here in italy.
I’ve only seen a beninoise (a guy from benin while a was in middle africa) using it, and a friend of mine told me that he has a friend who isn’t able to twirl spaghetti on the fork without a spoon…
maybe people in restaurant use the spoon just in order to give themself airs.
I’m not saying you were giving yourself airs using it, but that this can be one reason of using the pasta spoon since it isn’t really indispensable to esting pasta….. something like, you know, things like that 😉
ok, that’s enough.. here it’s 01.42a.m. and I’ve fire in my eyes….
have a good time

p.s.: I apologise for my english that actually isn’t ver good.

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