Rye 1st Impressions

28 07 2008

Last night I finished Girl at Sea and moved right onto The Catcher in the Rye.  I have a bad relationship with this book.  And it’s completely unjustified, but I have hated it as long as I can remember.  The first time I tried to read it was in the sixth grade.  My Challenge [Tennessee equivalent of Gifted & Talented] teacher warned me that it was “mature” when he saw me with it.  And really, I didn’t think twice about what he said because even though he was probably one of my best teachers, it was the South; I found most southerners are prudes.  But as I started in the book all the goddamns and asses made 12 [13?] year old me really uncomfortable.  I hardly got a 1/4th of the way through.

Then I tried again in 9th grade because my older cousin said I should read it.  Still, I’m kind of embarrassed to say I couldn’t get into it.  All I can remember is getting as far as the hooker.  Plus, I think going in with a negative attitude toward the book didn’t help either.

But John assigned the book so I really felt obligated to read it.  I’m on page twelve, and I’m already feeling a bit better about it.  I think what I was missing all those other times was a voice for Holden.  I looked to see when it was published [the 40s], so now all the “boys” make so much more sense to me.  Now Holden is kind of a greaser in my head :] it’s cute.  And I’m already chuckling at some of the things he’s thinking.  So, I think I’m gonna make it.




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28 07 2008

You have no idea who I am, though I sub’d you on youtube then found this (and proceeded to make my own, since i am much more fond of text then videos) but Catcher in the Rye is quite a tough book. Holden remains one of the most annoying characters to follow through a story. But he is real and it’s quite impressive.


28 07 2008

I think you’re really gonna like it this time around 🙂 I hated it when they made us read it for school but I just recently picked it up (via John’s request) and I absolutely LOVE it now.

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