Twilight is everywhere.

31 07 2008

Last night at around 10:30, Leighann my cousin called me on Skype.  We talked for a little while about just odds and ends.  And then she started asking me questions about Twilight.  She has never read it, but she said everyone back home was talking about it.  She said she didn’t want to be sucked in liked everyone else.  Which I completely understand.  I shudder to think some of the people I used to know now reading my Edward.  I still get a little territorial.  

Once I had answered some of her questions, she started getting really interested.  I asked her if she wanted me to read her the first chapter which she heartily agreed to.  And at 5AM I was still reading, my voice nearly gone.  But both of us were so absorbed in the story.  Twilight does those kind of things to you.  And I was having a lot of fun just putting life into the character, even though Edward is so hard for me.  But just spending that time with Leighann, even she though lives over 500 miles away was really nice.  Another convert.




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31 07 2008

I’m now convinced that Twilight was my next must-read book

31 07 2008

The more I read of you raving about Twilight the more I feel I should give it a go. But I remain sufficiently afraid of Edward…

4 08 2008

I’m falling for Alice :P.

She’s just SO awesome, even though I just finished reading Twilight and just recently started New Moon :P.

28 08 2008


Sharing a fandom-moment is wonderful, and enabling someone else to discover something awesome is awesome in itself.

This is how I got my friend into Harry Potter. We spent all night on Skype (Huzzah for Skype!) reading the first chapter back and forth, as she had just picked up her first copy.

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