Train Musings.

6 08 2008

My stomach is churning.  I don’t know if that’s because of the 14oz. Starbucks coffee I just polished off or if I’m just that nervous.  Oh, and by the way, as I type this, I am on a train to Chicago.  But let me start from the beginning.

I woke up to my alarm at 5:25AM because I was going to catch the train in Lafayette.  It was storming outside, lots of lightening and pretty heavy rainfall.  Granddad rode with me to the station, which is about an hour away.  I am so glad that he did.  On I-65 the rain was coming down so hard that I could hardly see the rode.  I think if he wasn’t there with me, I would have stayed as calm as I did.  Before we got on the interstate & before the rain got horrendous, I really wished I had been able to film the lightening instead of driving.  It was magnificent.

We got to the station with about 45 minutes to spare, and Granddad left me to head back.  I stood on the boarding platform along with a group of ten.  They were boisterous, but not annoying, and they reminded me of my family on my mom’s side.  I had my camera out, just taking random footage and an older man in the group offered to take my picture as I sat on the suitcase.  It was so genuine and nice that even though I had no make up on and my hair was pulled messily back I agreed.  The train was about an hour late, bur listening to their cheerful banter about a grouchy Amtrak employee made the time pass.

And now I’m on the train.  Sure, America’s domestic transport is pretty pathetic, but I adore trains.  The Indiana cornfields that stretch for miles?  I could look at them for hours and not tire.  It’s raining lightly now outside my window.  Across the aisle [ever noticed how funny looking that word is?] is a cute Asian couple that can’t be over 22 cuddling and  watching a movie on a PSP.  Seriously, I’ve never seen an unhappy young Asian couple.  And the PDA isn’t gross; it’s innocent in a way.

I don’t know.  I’m just sort of rambling now.  The Edge network on my iPhone hasn’t been working for the past two plus weeks.  Maybe I can find an ATT store in Chicago when I arrive and ask them about it.  Ahhhh, just thinking about this whole trip makes my stomach do flips.  Should I be scared that I’m going to a big city all by myself?  Because honestly, it’s not the city I’m worried about.  It’s Kayley and the other 5AG and nerdfighters I’m going to meet.  I’ve never done anything like this; I’m exhilarated and anxious at the same time.

I have a pretty damn exciting life.  I mean, not many people can or would do this kind of thing.  Sure, I have school reading and essays to write, but all that’s in the back of my mind.  I’m kind of blissfully happy right now.  It’s fantastic.

While I was waiting on the train, it rained terribly hard.  I’m kind of a frizz ball now.  Lovely.




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6 08 2008

Enjoy your trip and have fun meeting up with, heck, everyone. Have an awesome time.

Your train trip sounded like the beginning of a wonderful story and I hope your trip goes even better then planned.

I’ll stop now, haha


7 08 2008

I hope you have an amazing time! (You’re so lucky, getting to meet pretty much everyone. 5AG ftw.)

I really, really wanted to go, but there was a last minute emergency in my family. =( As a fellow Hoosier, I almost took that train too. Bah.

I love your videos, by the way. Twilight plus Nerdfighters equals awesome.

15 08 2008

Marion, your twitter feed in the sidebar is not working. It’s all wonky. I just made a twitter account and figured out how to get it to update onto the blog. If ya wanna know feel free to ask. I didn’t know where else to comment this, ha, sorry. Just tryin to help.


16 08 2008

So lucky.

I wish I could meet more nerdfighters haha :D.

Just finished reading New Moon and moving on to Eclipse.. I didn’t like New Moon as much as Twilight.. I hate Bella’s attitude against just about everything at the beginning.. and then I hate how she just *spoiler* dumps jacob like nothing’s happened.. 😛


21 08 2008

Hope you had a great time meeting up with all the nerdfighters! Wish I could have gone to Chicago but unfortunately it’s not really within walking distance of, well, England. We need updates and pictures and nerdery and such!

Seriously though, looking forward to your next Youtube update, your videos are awesome and always make me smile. DFTBA!

– Jack

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