19 08 2008

My bare feet dangled, toes barely brushing the ground.  I spun round in the swing hanging in the open barn, twisting the chains tightly till they strained to be free.  I stopped fighting and was flung in tiny circles, smiling to myself.  A chuckle came from the doorway.  Looking up, I saw him leaning there against the frame, a lopsided toothy grin plastered across his face.  A breeze ruffled his hair and mine, as I smiled shyly back; the blood rushing to cheeks was my cue to look down again.  He eyed me curiously.  An awkward silence passed

.  I nervously chewed my lip and glanced up.

“Hi,” I managed timidly, gripping tightly to the swing chains.

“Hello.”  He sounded smug the way he said it.  But his voice wasn’t quite right.  It is never right in my head.





4 responses

20 08 2008

Did you write this one? Let me know where it’s from etc.

22 08 2008

are u bck?

I sorta miss watching ur vids :(;;;

The poem-y thingy makes me nostalgic somewhat, it’s been a while since I’ve been with my special someone 😦

22 08 2008

(Concerning the picture) Pride and Prejudice? One of the greatest things ever.

I don’t know… this made me feel nostalgic for something I didn’t know I missed. It reminds me too much of my daydreams.

It’s beautiful in a quiet way.

9 11 2008

Lovez it.

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