Video Due Date: before winter is over.

6 09 2008

Today is the only free day I’ve allotted myself.  I was hoping to talk to Shawna on Skype, but zat deedent happeen.  I’ve been practicing the guitar maybe ten minutes each night for the past week or so.  I’m definitely getting better.  The video posted below I was going to originally send to Shawna [seeing as she suggested I cover the song], but I thought I’d throw the wonderful people who bother to check on this blog a bone.  F is REALLY HARD TO PLAY!  It’s hard to use all four fingers, & my pinky still refuses to correspond on G, so I let it win -_-  

Icky Marion FTW[/L?].  Yes, I realize I butchered the lyrics.  Gimme a break, I’ve only listened to it 22 times.  Like the computer noises?  That’s right, it’s not yours.

Winter – Joshua Radin

[Is this working?  If not, let the enigma tease you.]




7 responses

6 09 2008

f is mad hard to play at first. you get it eventually if you keep trying =)

7 09 2008

It’s pretty good.

7 09 2008

That was indeed pretty good, plus that song is awesome and it cheered me up after a long, rainy, crappy English autumn day.

8 09 2008

i love you.

i knew you could make that song your own. i’m not even going to lie, i was so singing along near the end… =]

and we should skype soon! i’m going to be online all today [on and off till 5] then i go to work for that money stuff. bleehh.

16 09 2008

F is the most evil of the more common chords.
You have such a lovely voice. =D

18 09 2008

Your a star! You are really talented. I love your voice 😀

Put this on youtube. See what kind of reaction you get back.


5 10 2008

Was there a vacuum in the background as well? xDD
F is a real pain, so I try to forget it whenever I can..
Also, if I ever get the chance, I try to replace the pinky finger with the ring finger. It makes my life so much easier. ;-;

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