Officially Seduced.

8 09 2008

It’s shallow, but holy hell.


Edit:  And, I know, I know, I’m supposed to be content with how I am.  Buhhhhhhhhhht… ifIcouldhavefacealteringplasticsurgery




5 responses

8 09 2008

Quite possibly the best picture of Rob I’ve ever seen. o-o

9 09 2008

omg gurl this is my first time on your blog thingy but i love your youtube videos they’re so funny!
you should be proud of the way you look
i have the same basic face shape as kristen stewart
everybody wants what they can’t have
i wish i had a more heart-shaped face like yours
seriously i’m jealous

9 09 2008

I can’t see the picture… can you post a link?

14 09 2008

you definitely need to post the link. i cant see it either. i googled it for goodness sakes. and this is what i got.

o. my. word.

25 09 2008
they call her buttercup

me too ^_^

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