With Morrie.

17 09 2008

I just finished Tuesdays with Morrie and proceeded to watch the interviews on YouTube.  Now, I’m all snotty-nosed and bleary-eyed, but I don’t care.  Why have I cared about money so much?  I need to find something to do that I love.  If I ever want to be happy or at least content.  And I need more people.  I need more that I love and that will love me for who I am.  I need to stop shutting myself off, as easy as that is.  When I die, wherever I am in life, I don’t want to be alone.  I don’t want to be alone.




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17 09 2008

That was suck a good book. I want to have a living funeral Just like Morrie, I just hope people are there for it. I like to sit down and read that book when I’m sad. Its not the best pick me up book, But it works just fine. Take it Easy.

18 09 2008
peas on earth

yaayyy.. go YOU!! ❤ =D

18 09 2008

I fucking love you.
If I haven’t spoken to you in fifteen years, even if we still youtube, I would definitely hang around you in your last moments of life. It would be an honour.

19 09 2008

aloha Marion…i see many loves and passions coming from your “work”…you have an absolutely brilliant creative side (see “As Time Goes By” and the vast majority of your youtube videos), you write, your intelligent and come across as courageously honest.
A worry of being alone, juxtaposed next to a dialogue about you (You Tube) that has over 2000 subscribers is incommensurable.
I know what you’ll say …that those relationships are different, actually maybe not even relationships) and far from what you imagine as completely fulfilling and i’d agree. Having “fans” doesn’t mean you wont be alone. But think about it..life has demonstrated to you how well you are able to make connections, whatever they are, and i know, if you choose too, you’ll have beautiful and amazing relationships that will surpass what you thought was possible…

If this sounds overstated and maybe unnecessary ( i know it was probably just a mood born from reading that book); know that half the reason i’m probably saying this is to hear it myself….we all face the same fears whether we pretend to or not….either way..have a beautiful weekend and mai poina, imi i loko o ko’u na’au no kekahi u’i lahaole…ron

19 09 2008

Marion. Come on skype soon, I want to introduce you to some peopleee. I love you so much. ❤

9 11 2008

*somehow manages to stalk* I really, really don’t know how I got here… but that must be love right? >.<

Or strange stalker-ing action… but I know you, so it isn’t as stalkerish?



Also, will I be needing to add this book to my summer reading? Yes?

Also, also, “Why does it always rain on me” and Travis rock my socks.


29 12 2008

Awe, I just finished reading that and oh my god it’s just… indescribable.
That little man had a such a big heart.

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