27 09 2008

I want new clothes!  I also [unfortunately] want to lose weight.  Wait, no, better not say that or I risk getting a bunch of scolding comments.  Here, how’s this:  I want to tone up.  Same thing.  All about the euphemisms.  Anyway, my reason behind said desires is the glorious LOOKBOOK.  Which coincidentally is teeming with gorgeously thin girls wearing gorgeously posh clothes.  I wish I desired to be a fat ass.  Nope, gottta make it difficult on myself.

God, I just read back over what I wrote.  How shallow am I?

Anyway, hm what is new with me?  Pretty much just school [*flings self off cliff*] and lurking on the interwebz [*catches hold of a branch on the way down*].  I’m just trying to have things to look forward to.  It’s not complete and total numbness.  Just a little detachment, I suppose.  I have my birthday in a matter of weeks.  17.  I am frackin’ old, ew.  Then the Paper Towns signing [insert squee].  And at the end of October I am going to New York City, the love of my life, to visit NYU, the potential love of my life, and Columbia, the back-up potential love of my life.  Plus, I’ll be staying with my childhood second half who I haven’t seen in ages.  AND I get to spend the night in my cousin’s dorm on Staten Island one night.  AND I might possibly see Equus with Daniel.  AND I get to meet Sarah!  GAH!  Oh, and hopefully in December I will get to go up to Montreal to visit McGill and meet the final love of my life, Shaw-neeners.  Writing this all out makes me even more excited!

Now, I may just go do something possibly crafty.  And not evil crafty, but like glue and macaroni.  And scissors.  And sparkles.  Got it?  Also, might be vain and go through my Urban Outfitters wish list.  Feel free to contribute to my wardrobe.

You know, maybe I just need to do laundry.  I need some more intrigue in my life.




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27 09 2008

(being a creeper not intended)

I just found your blog off of your awesome youtube account and so I have read this entry! And I’ll admit that I am slightly jealous of the stick skinny people on lookbook too, but just realize that the only reason they are so skinny is because they can’t afford food for themselves after buying all those awesome clothes. [/end sad excuse for jealousy]

-Random commenter

P.S.- I clicked on your wishlist and my computer had a spaz attack. BUT THAT’S OK, because I should probably be doing my homework instead of surfing the interwebz.

(I should really shut up now.)

28 09 2008

Come on, ur not that fat.

at least from what I’ve see and can remember.

28 09 2008

i need to clean my room and
probably do laundry too.
i am a list maker now for
productivity’s sake. it’s
totally working too. sorry
about the way this is spaced
but other people’s comments
seem to be cut off so i’m trying

i am also on the road to ‘tone’.
i plan to be able to run 3 miles
at 5 mph by the end of my
hiatus. i did 1.2 miles the other
day. i think i can totally make it
to 3 by the allotted time. i
want to be able to do 10.
i’m gonna work up to it :]


2 10 2008

Haha! I like your sense of humour.

3 10 2008

Hello! My name’s Jason, and I stumbled upon a link to your blog after watching Hank Green’s video of you getting the book autographed by John. Coincidently, I’m a freshman at NYU this year. If you have any questions about the school or student life here, I’d be more than happy to help out a fellow nerdfighter. I left my email in this comment, so I hope to hear from you soon.

4 10 2008

Your comment thingy looks off :P.


hows it going?

9 10 2008

Actually, I lied. I don’t think my email was in there. Anyway, it’s

20 10 2008

Believe me I know exactly how
you feel about the stupid weight thing..
but you know what screw it just like you said
its best to be the best of you with every little thing you dont like
Best Wishes

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