Textual breather.

19 10 2008

I hate letting things get to me.  Almost as much as I hate telling people they get to me.  But I sorta feel like if I write this down, it’ll get out of my head.

So, I posted a new video today.  I didn’t even have to.  It wasn’t made for YouTube; it was for school.  But I thought, hey, why not share this with them?  I mean, I like when other people do that.  Then I get negative comments.  So, pretty much now all the nice ones I read, I feel like they are lying.

I can’t help that YouTube eats & alters audio. — Didn’t I say it was MY interpretation.  That doesn’t mean I have to explain, nor do you have to GET IT.  — I only put in a couple days worth of filming & hours of editing.  People who don’t even have videos are effing critiquing me!  What room do they have to talk?

Okay, feeling better.  I just hate getting in these funks.  & I apologize for angry blogs.  They are no fun, I know.  Here, this may help both of us:

I inwardly “YAY” every time I look at that photo.




4 responses

20 10 2008

If it makes you feel any better, I think all of your videos are awesome. :] And that is no lie.

Your happy personality shows through all of them making them even more better! 🙂

I always love to watch videos that people have really put alot of themselves and their effort in. It’s a privilege to watch them.

20 10 2008

ahh you shouldnt really listen to the haters cause someone is always gonna be an ass.

but in all honestly the video was very pretty, it made me want to pick up nature by emerson even though im not a big fan. im more a bukowski person with a little frost thrown in.

22 10 2008


Gergeous. + all positive words.

23 10 2008

i for one like your videos :—D
please dont stop posting
them just because people
with no lives have nothing
else to do. Your going to go
through life with so many
negative people bringing
you down, its not worth
taking seriously, because
then you’ll think back and
find that you missed so
many oppotunities because
worries were in your way.

(oh btw.. that was not i lie.)

geez i should start taking my
own advice :S

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