Moles & Snowy Drives

6 12 2008



img_03001I’m very photo-journaly lately.  It’s really the only thing at the moment that’s getting me to blog.  These first set of photos are from Mole Day at my school which was Friday.  Usually it’s held on October 23rd, but it conflicted with our fall break so we had to move it.  As for what Mole Day is, it’s not the celebration of beauty marks or even the tiny brown mammals, contrary to these pictures.  It’s pretty much an excuse for the chemistry department to have an all-day party in honor of Avogadro’s Number 6.02 x 10^23, or the mole.  


Everyone in chemistry has to do a project, and my teacher is so ridiculously easy that expectations for my class were very low.  I just made brownie muffins [no fat ;)] with white chocolate chips for eyes and called them “mole”ffins.  Other classes had some really kick ass stuff though.  I mean, just look at the photos!  Someone made the Quidditch stadium for crying out loud & little moles of Volde and Ron, AND then Whomping Willow!  There was also a larger “Mole”demort someone made which was jokes.  Some people went all out, and I love it when that entails Potter.

The other photos I have are from just an hour or so earlier when Dad was driving me back home.  I really love the snow.  It’s still coming down pretty hard.  I’m in the kitchen now. Mom is cooking because we are having company.  We never have company which, trust me, doesn’t devastate me too much.  What’s funny is Mom is having Dad run around the house putting up photographs because our house still looks like we just moved in in some rooms.  With my last house, we hung our pictures when we were SELLING it  :]

snow1 snow2




One response

7 12 2008

hey we have mole day at our school too! i wasn’t apart of it but i helped my friend bake her cake and she won first place!
btw i love the quidditch!
its so awesome!

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