I should be ___.

18 12 2008

I am a professional time waster.  I have one more exam, choir tomorrow.  I’m not overly concerned, but then again I’d like to be a little more prepared.  None the less I went out to eat with Emily and then we wandered around Target for a good while.  Then I came home and waited for Shawna to get on in hopes that she would motivate me to clean/get ready for tomorrow.  I REALLY need to do laundry seeing as going in the buff wasn’t in the plans.

Alas, no.  What has Marion done?  Caught up on all the Twilight news.  I’m kinda whatever on the new director thing.  I’m willing to give him a chance though admittedly I may miss the motion sickness brought on by Catherine’s cinematography.  However, I am staunchly against the recasting of Jacob.  I mean, I’m not a big Jacob fan and I was never overly elated with Taylor, but now that the movie is said and done it’s a different story.  Taylor is a part of it now.  He’s going to forever be my movie Jacob.  It really ticks me off when they switch actors for characters.  It’s cheap feeling.  I had to deal with enough of that with Potter.  A new fricking Cornelius Fudge every movie.  They changed Flitwick to a bowl-cut adorned freak.  I’m even bitter over Richard Harris dying — not cool man!

To add to my Jacobian ranting, I will say that I googled searched his alleged replacement.  Michael Copon is it?  He looks like a total schmuck.  Taylor, if you’re reading this, Marion has got your back.  Pound it.

I found this really awesome classical artist Tuesday.  God, sorry this post is so Twilight-y today.  I feel like I should revise the title or at least put a warning label at the beginning of the entry.  Anyway, the composer guy.  Before even knowing who he was, a song of his was played in between news segments on PRI’s the world, and I literally paused in front of my kitchen radio to listen to it.  Ugh, it got really dark all of a sudden.  Need to turn on a light…

Much better!  Not that you would know or need to know seeing as, well, you’re just kind of reading what I write.  For all you know I could have just lit my comforter on fire.

Geeze, Marion, tangent much?  And why is it “tangent?”  Why can’t it be “sine?”  Or “cosine?”  “Whoops, sorry about that, went off on a cosine!  Now where was I?”

So.  Yeah.  I know.  The composer.  Il s’appelle Ludovico Einaudi.  My suggested songs are “Primavera,” “Fly,” “Andare,” and “Monday.”  Can he please score New Moon?  Carter was alright, but I prefer the sound of Ludo.

In my Twilightening I read some Kristen Stewart interviews.  I don’t understand why I am so fascinated with her, but I feel like I hang on her every word.  Could it possibly have to do with the fact that I secretly want her life?  Yep?  Yep.  I feel justified in dyeing my hair because it’s been pretty dull.

Woo, and tomorrow I get to meet Shawna!  So pumped!  Pretty much that has gotten me through this week.  Please, weather, humor me by not stranding Mom and me somewhere in the great white north that is the Can.

Having stuff to do is annoying sometimes.  I’m gonna have to get started on laundry as soon as I wrap this up.  Then I need to pack and study.  And probably other stuff that has now decided to flee my mind the moment I decide to chronicle them.  Great.  All I want to do is hide in the movie theatre and watch Twilight over and over again.  It’s therapeutic for me.  I just tune out the world.  

Music ended.  Sigh, I guess that is my cue to go.  I could talk about how much I want to make a new YouTube video and how I am inhibited by my apparent suckage, but we’ll save that story for another day!




6 responses

18 12 2008

Thanks for the update.

No you do NOT suck.

We do miss you on youtubes though

29 12 2008

Yeah that Jacob recasting is lame. I mean, I can not stand when the actors change, it messes up my whole focus point on the movie. When I seen New Moon I’m going to be like, okay come on where is Jacob?

Lol, I dyed my hair a bit ago, was it because Bella’s/Stewart’s hair is dark? ……maybe…….XD

1 01 2009

I suppose you could use ‘sine’ or ‘cosine’, but then it’d have to be a topic of conversation which slowly curves into the discussion of another topic, which then manages to make itself back into the original topic through the migration of topics previously used to get there in the first place.

Twilight – Rob Pattinson – Harry Potter – JK Rowling – Harry Potter – Robert Pattinson – Twilight. Thus, you have created a curvy line of a sine or cosine function. Right? I think?

Who am I kidding? Sine and Cosine graph functions were never my speciality. I was more a straight algebra kinda maths kid. Not so good with the visualisation.

But, if you used different topics to get from one point to the other and back again, it’d end up more like a circle shape.

On Twilight: I don’t much care either way with the director, though I tend to like it better with one director over a series of films. And I didn’t like Golden Compass much, but visually it wasn’t all that bad; so I’m kinda so-so over the choice. I hate it when they change actors halfway through, so I hope they don’t change Taylor.

Miss you! Bai!

1 01 2009

Wait, I take back my previous statement on the sine and cosine. What I said would make more of a parabola. So to get a sine or cosine function-styled conversation, it’d have to be the repetiton of said topics to make the regular curvy line of the function.

I think >.>


1 01 2009

Dear Marion,

Hello, and a happy new year to you! We, your public, respectfully request:

An hilarious account of your antics with Shawna over the holidays
More blog posts (for the record, no, you don’t suck. At all. Ever).
Perhaps a Youtube video or two?

We would be delighted to see one or more of these in the near future, assuming you have the time and inclination. For now, enjoy the holidays and by no means (and we’re sure you won’t) forget to be awesome.

The United Fandom of Marion (represented by an unelected representative, namely, uh, me. Seriously though, happy new year and DFTBA!)

2 01 2009

This was entertaining. I’ll totally try to keep up with your blog. I use Xanga, and yes it might be a little juvenile but I’ve made some good blogging friends there!

I hope you post a new video soon!

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