4 04 2009

It was a tough drive.  When I drove, I sped like nobody’s business.  Seriously though.  I was Cullen-esque.  To the point where I had my mother white knuckling the door handle-y things.  I should have been pulled over.  I am actually a really tense, cautious driver, but I wanted to be out of the car and home, so when I offered to drive I felt obligated to make up the time of my mother’s pokey speed.

Dad had Indian food for us when we got home.  Granted we had to fight with him over the phone to get him to get it, but regardless, it’s good to have some paneer tikka masala after a painful day of driving.

I’ve decided that I have a love for dust motes.  Excuse me while I add that to my Facebook interests.  — Changes saved.

I try to make my titles pertain to what is going to be discussed in my blogs.  This usually means I have to sit and stew a while over what the title needs to be.  Tonight’s wasn’t too tough though.

I got home and dragged my suitcase up the back stairs and just felt empowered to do things.  To unpack.  Put away my piles of clothes.  Finish my homework so I can use the rest of tomorrow to revel in its day-dum.  It is a nice feeling.  I’ll let you know if I acted on it.

I’m supposed to talk about colleges, but I’m going to put that off.

Before I shut down Polly for the night, I’m gonna research some French music for my trip.  Please comment with any suggestions; I’d greatly appreciate it.




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4 04 2009
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4 04 2009

french music- “BB Brunes” fun rock stuff. you’d need France iTunes to buy it there though.

5 04 2009

French music? Well, I really recommend Coeur De Pirate and Julie Doiron.
🙂 Just two of my favourites, I more so like Coeur De Pirate the best, it’s more up beat. Very optimistic sounding. 😉

5 04 2009

Loved the picture. I’d never seen it before (and you can imagine how often that happens.)
I just got home too. I don’t have my suitcase yet, but I’ll have to unpack pretty soon. Ugh.
I probably had some French music on my computer. Not any more though. Damn you, porn virus!

Your wish is my command. Expect updates soon. :]

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