So long.

5 04 2009

Spring Break ends today.  And it ended with a bang.  Literally.  It’s thunderstorming outside.  Oh, and tomorrow forecast?  Snow.  I love spring!

See, I always wait to write these at the last minute; therefore, I am too tired to be philosophical or think of something really abstract to write about.  So then I end up writing about my day which honestly isn’t that interesting.

My sister’s birthday is tomorrow.  After going to the gym with my mom, we swung by the grocery store to pick up her birthday card.  I can be quite the hypocrite sometimes.  Like when no one got me anything until the day before my birthday, I was kind of upset.  But here I was doing the same thing.  It’s kinda bad when you expect people to care about you when you don’t care about them.

Oh, but it gets worse.  Is it just me, or has the greeting card industry gone down the toilet?  They all are either too frilly, too crude, or too sentimental.  Honestly, reading all the inside messages about sisterhood being such a special bond with secrets shared and love made me feel guilty.  And how I “respect her as a woman”?  Yeah, that exact phrase was on more than two cards.  WTH.  Do they have any idea who my sister is?  I know that I can’t possibly be the only girl on the planet who has a rotten relationship with their sister.  Maybe rotten is a little too harsh.  “Less than stellar”?  We’ll work with it.  I just felt like such a crap sister reading those cards.

I will discuss colleges eventually.  Urg.  Boo hiss.

On a side note, I started Script Frenzy today.  I’m actually surprised at how tough it is.  Um, I hope this is legal, but I am scripting New Moon.  I thought it’d be fun because then I could compare it with the actual movie in November.  But I worked on the thing for about 45 minutes and I only got two effing pages.  Yeesh.

Bedtime for the human.




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