Seven Places I Want to Go

7 04 2009

1.  Los Angeles

2.  London

3.  Forks

4.  Seattle

5.  Toronto

6.  Auckland

7.  New York




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7 04 2009
Seven Places I Want to Go « fiction reveals truth that reality obscures

[…] (I got this idea from Marion.) […]

8 04 2009

Paris isn’t even on the list?! =p

8 04 2009

Places I want to go:

1. New York
2. Chicago
3. London (again.. and again and again)
4. Volterra
5. Florence
6. Rome
7. Forks
8. Oxford (and Cambridge again)
9. Indianapolis
10. Paris (again)
11. San Francisco

8 04 2009

Are these places you’ve never been to that you want to go to, or places that you want to visit for a while whether you’ve been there or not?

8 04 2009

i’ve been too newyork twice its awesome and i was born in toronto! 🙂
i wish i still lived there its amazing !

13 04 2009
Seven Places I Want to Go « Bits of My Brain in Blogular Form

[…] marionhoney, new york, new york city, new zealand, seven places, wellfleet, wellington I liked Marion’s new blog post, so I thought I would make my own […]

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