Vive l’Allemand!

13 04 2009

I went to my first ever school board meeting.  And appropriately so, I was bored out of my mind.  Em asked me to come because due to the recent economic downturn, our school has decided to pretty much scrap the German program.  I think it is horrible, and I was feeling pretty 1968 today, so I tagged along even though I am a Frenchy.  Not to mention it feels nice to do something selfless for a friend.

Afterwards we went to the Chinese restaurant in town, pigged out on what was left on the buffet (definitely not enough of General Tso’s chicken, I’ll tell you that), and complained about our lives.  Overall it was a nice night.

Now I have one calculus worksheet, two chemistry worksheets, a chapter to read in Le Petit Prince.  Oh, and I should probably bathe at some point.  This is how I am repaid for having a life.  Yeehaw.




3 responses

13 04 2009

I miss you 😦
The quarter has its hands on me, I can feel it. I will try muy mucho to write you a letter very soon, my dear.
Stand up for the Germans! I only found this out a few weeks ago, but I’m over half-German! So on behalf of my people, I thank you. (By the way: how much German can I speak? NOT MUCH)
Hope you are GUT!

13 04 2009

Cute layout, by the way. I read all my blogs through a feed reader, so I never look at the actual websites. It makes me sad because the real things are so much better

14 04 2009

Awesome! Though I dislike the German language to my very core.. (bad, bad high school memories) It’s still good to have the opportunity to learn it.

Auf wiedershehen!
(Ps. I have to admit that I do like German capitalization)

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