As I listen to Owl City on the Tube.

18 04 2009

I’m not feeling particularly well.  More physically than mentally which is unusual for me [wahhh, Marion is a whiner/emo blah-di-blah-blah MAI BLOG].  I feel faint.  In the sense that I wouldn’t be surprised if I keeled over at any minute.  I’m safely tucked in my bed now, so at least I’d pass out on my pillow.  The only time I’ve ever fainted was in the shower — yeah, don’t ever want to repeat that.  I was honestly concerned about driving home from school tonight.  But I made it.  Go me.  Can I get a hoo-ha?

Tonight was “Jazz, Jive, and Java” at my school and the chamber choir [i.e. me] performed.  Our first set was downright embarrassing.  People forgot the formation and THEN the words/notes.  I-carumba.  The jazz band was excellent, but I was feeling too crappy to enjoy the music.  Then I got to feel like a complete jerk by rejecting the boy I’m going to prom with — he asked me to dance.  Fun.  Sorry, but I wasn’t going to risk collapsing on the dance floor.  Every time I stood up it, felt like my head was swimming and my hands felt like I had let ’em hang out in an ice bucket for a couple hours.

It’s bad because the entire time I thought to myself I want to go home.  I don’t connect with any of these people.  Illness brings out the best of us, eh?

Also said prom date knows of my YouTube alter ego.  And thus he can probably find this blog.  So now I can’t discuss him anymore.  I know you are sad.

To end this happy banter, I work six and a half hours tomorrow, starting at 9:30AM.  *palmface*




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19 04 2009

😦 sadface
That’s lame. I’m a little worried I might be coming down with something. I’ve been sick once in every month so far, so I better be able to check off April pretty soon! Sorry you’re sick 😦 The MAI BLOG part made me laugh, though.


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