Beefy Bella.

2 05 2009

So I can’t remember if I said I was writing the screenplay for New Moon just for funzies.  But I am.  Tonight was the second time I’ve worked at it.  And I’ve always been a purist, so a lot of the dialogue I’m ripping straight from the book, condensing here and there, but honestly, not that much.  But tonight, I’ve been changing a lot of dialogue.  I’ve never really noticed how easily Bella gives into Edward sometimes.  And especially when I imagine the words coming out of Kristen’s mouth, I can’t help but beefing them up.  I’m molding Bella into a stronger character.  I’m making her a bit more irritable and strong-willed.  And while I’m letting Edward laugh at her being stubborn, it’s so much better than her being so… “whipped?”  I don’t know.  It was just something I never really noticed.  I really think that Kristen has fortified Bella as a character.

Also, Shawna, if you read this, I’d really appreciate an email back from you.  And Sanne, I know you are busy, but I miss hearing from you!  Finally, Morgan owes me snail-mail.

I also bummed around on devianart, looking through the fan manipulations and such, and now I really want to make a New Moon manipulation, but I don’t know what scene.  Suggestions?




One response

4 05 2009

I would love to read the script when you’re done with it.
New Moon scene? What about a cheesy Bella/Edward hug in Volterra, the one where she wants to stop him from stepping into the sunlight.
Btw. keep an eye on your mailbox (both digital and IRL).
Just so you know, I really enjoy reading your blog and check it more than you probably want to know. :p

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