Perspective from the backseat.

10 05 2009

I feel sick to my stomach at the moment.  But I’m not physically ailing.  Oy.  It’s like there’s a ping pong ball ricocheting off the walls of my innards.  It’s a good thing that the greater part of today was spent in a drowsy stupor/napping otherwise I’d be way more cranky about the multiple chapters of Le Petit Prince and calculus worksheet I have yet to complete.

Floating FordsSo anyway, today my family drove to Kentucky to visit my great uncle who is essentially dying of lymphoma.  I don’t see him particularly often, but I have gotten to know him well enough to recognize how feeble he had become.  His skin was a mass of sunken folds grasping to bone, and he had to whet his lips and pause every couple sentences to catch his breath just to be able to talk.  It is sad, but I understand–we are all ephemeral.  Essentially this visit was to say goodbye.  Which if you think about it is nice, but strange.

On the way home I laid my head on the middle seat between me and Leah.  I witness an odd sensation as I gazed out the car window.  It was simply blue skies, and I was overcome with the sense that the car was not on the tarred highway, but suspended in the air.  So we floated home from Kentucky this afternoon.  The picture does not do the sky justice.




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