Lightheaded Patriotism

23 05 2009

As the title suggests, I’m feeling woozy at the moment.  It might be because I need to sleep or eat.  I just took care of the later by polishing off the other half of my Subway sammy left over from yesterday.  Hope that helps.  Another culprit could be the fact that I recently completed a seven page brain dump.  And I still have more to go:  this, le premiere miel en france, Nana, and Sarah.

While munching on my turkey-provolone, I listened to NPR as you do.  A Prairie Home Companion was on the air.  All of a sudden the national anthem was simply being played on the piano, and the entire audience joined together in song.  It was one of those nice moments.  Where you just feel this sense of contentment.  I imagined people all over the country sitting in their living room, driving in their car, sitting at their computer pausing for an instance.  Just to listen.  I even muttered the last verse.  I can be one of those apathetic teenagers [as much as it pains me] who more times than not take for granted all that they have.

Well, America, I just appreciated you.  I like you.  And, as funny as this feels to type, I am proud to be American.




2 responses

24 05 2009

I said, “I fancied a bit of a bike ride” the other day, and my friends made fun of me. It made me think of you, though, because of all your Britishisms. I miss you, dear. Maybe we will have a thai food rendez-vous this ete (lots of yummy food in Louisville- hint: road trip!!)

26 05 2009

NPR and Garrison Keillor are A+. 😀

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