Jetlag Blues

24 07 2009

I’m trying to get a grip on myself.  Il y a the possibility that I just got back from the best time/experience/trip of my life.  An airplane just flew over my house — this is not funny, God.  I’m being serious here.  They told us that this would probably happen.  That’d we’d get back and have reverse culture shock and feel alienated from everyone.

I can’t stop remembering.  The derniere nuit avec the dancing along the Seine.  The tango argentine, which is like sex with your clothes on.  I want to learn.  Being pulled to samba avec some chauve old guy.  Rebecca asking me if I wanted her to text Flo.  Mia.  I’m just chocked full of so much.

I wake up every morning wanting commencer parler en francais.  I just don’t know.  I’m in this effing limbo world.  I’m gonna go to the gym avec ma musique en anglais.  Parce que c’est pas interdit maintenant.  At 11h45 I’m getting my eye brows waxed.  Maybe that’ll give me a reality check.




3 responses

27 07 2009

Airplanes fly over my house all the time, I live by an airport / army / navy station

29 07 2009

I totally understand- I got back yesterday from a 5 week trip to Ukriane, and I’m going through the same thing.

31 07 2009

Exchange to France is probably the best, but most difficult things I’ve ever done. Coming home was the worst. I longed to speak en francais again, and was frustrated that nobody could understand what I’d been through. What you said about the reverse culture shock is totally true. It’s been a while now, but I still miss France, and I always wish I could be back there again. Le sigh.

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