My favorite month escaped me.

31 10 2009

I almost feel like I to pick up another cookie for writing that.  I really to like October.  It just feels like a part of me.  The cooler temperatures, the changing of the leaves.  My birthday.  October is mine.  It can be depressing and gloomy and light and breezy.

So this was my morning.  I’ve been watching A LOT of crime-solving shows.  Particularly Law & Order: Special Victims Unit and Criminal Minds.  USA and A&E like to run those things non-stop.  She I get home at three and watch the suckers until one in the morning.  Ridiculous.  Not gonna lie though, the writing at least for SVU is incredible.  Thus, due to my new affiliation for violent tv programs, I woke up a little before 1PM today.  It still for of feels like morning to me even though it’s only three.

The only things I’ve eaten all day are those cookies.  I haven’t done that much either.  I took some pictures and put them up on flickr.  Then the usual routine:  email – Facebook – Kristen updates via livejournal.  And the rest of my day is looking like applications for uni.  Will be so happy when those are done.  I’ve banned myself from emailing friends until I complete them.

Also I think I’m doing NaNoWriMo.  Which starts tomorrow.  Which I haven’t even the least bit of thought as to what my novel is gunna be about.  Lovely.  I failed last year.  But it was my first year.  See, what I really want to do is rewrite Breaking Dawn. But that breaks the rules.  You have to have original characters.  Gr.  Oh well.  I’m gonna do it anyway.

Cookie time!

eating halloween cookies




4 responses

31 10 2009

Happy Halloween [=

Miss you on youtube =/

1 11 2009

LOVE the banner. You know that I’m a sucker for paper!

(If I keep blogging, will you do it too? :P)

Nanowrimo buddies! Let me know when you’re unblocking your email writing.

2 11 2009

i always love you’re new blog posts! 😀

and i’m in the same boat for nanowrimo.
second day, and barely a plot. yayyy! XD

6 11 2009


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