Hah, I fail more than YOU!

7 11 2009

Mmmm, just finished the rough draft of my Columbia essay.  And by rough draft I mean the wording in about two sentences are bugging me, and once I sleep on it and reread tomorrow then I will be done, and I can send that bad boy off.  Applications are still eating me for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  I must be on special or something.  I have a busy schedule for tonight.  I know you want to know:

  1. Shower – because I am currently a greaseball.  Like hair matting to face.  It’s great.
  2. Read my econ chapter – just to get it out of the way as I want to dedicate the majority of tomorrow to…
  3. Film USC video footage.

I’ll probably hit the sack after that one.  Because I’ll likely get frustrated and drained.  Still need to figure out how the heck I’m gonna approach the lighting.  Nothing like winging it.  And if you’re wondering whether you’ll ever see this, I’ll have to edit the thing [which is tomorrow’s task] first before I make that decision.

So I briefly popped by Sanne’s blog, and I noticed the fantastic NaNoWriMo counter she has posted.  I also noticed how PATHETIC I am doing.  Sanne and I were supposed to have a race to 5k this Friday and well.  I haven’t written a single word since saving my first post.

I just have so MUCH I have to do.  Maybe I’m using all this stuff as an excuse.  But like for example, for NYU I have to talk about a New Yorker I want to eat lunch with or something.  And I’m drawing a blank.  Which is horrible because I am a NYC baby.  All I can think of it really obviously people like Holly Golightly.  And basically I’d just harp on her for what she did in the book version and ask if I can borrow her clothes from the movie version.  Or maybe I’d ask her for the number of her agent out in California.  Maybe he’d represent me.  Although I probably wouldn’t call him in the end because he was a real schmuck.

Also, I would like to take the time to declare how cliche I am.  And you know what, I’m beginning to accept that is just how I am.  I was going to take that a lot farther, but I got distracted by Blue Foundation and now I’m really sleepy.  Crap.  I think I might just go to sleep.  BUT I CAN’T.  CAUSE I HAVE TO DO ALL THIS STUFF.  SEE.  ARGH.

I’ll add the pictures I had for this post eventually.




2 responses

8 11 2009

Just keep at it – I’m doing uni applications this year too and they’re an almighty pain in the arse, but if you lock yourself somewhere comfortable with your laptop and force yourself to blast through them, you’ll feel so much better when you’re done – plus you’ll have more time to ‘wriMo. Incidentally, I was going to do NaNoWriMo this year too, but I have yet to write a single word, so don’t worry about falling behind too much. There’s always someone who wins more at failing, to coin a phrase.
Good luck with everything!

11 11 2009

I’m so glad you’re back to blogging (:

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