Here an essay, there an essay, everywhere an essay essay.

29 11 2009

I feel like my brain is bleeding.  Or at least sore.  Very sore.  And very grouchy.  And I have so much to do.  That I don’t want to do.  And what would I be doing instead?  Mmmmmm probably something along the lines of what I was doing last night:  cruising lion_lamb for rare Twilight tracks or looking at loltastic icons, some of which I promise to share below.  Yeah, I even added lion_lamb to my Reader today.  I’m gonna blame Sanne.

Mom is breathing down my neck to go take a walk around the neighborhood.  Gah, I CAN’T even BLOG in PEACE.

I wish I enjoyed writing essays.  Really I just think it’s because I’m writing so many I feel creatively drained.  All my good stuff is used up.  Maybe if I gave myself time to read for pleasure I could recuperate.  But not today.  I have to submit this scholarship application tonight.  And I still have one more essay to go.  A “researched” one.  And I’m supposed to feel all passionate about the issue.  And yeah, you know how I’m probably feeling right now.  I have about 250 words of notes.  Praying I can squeeze 600 out of that. /complain

Edit:  Icons as promised.




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