Pre-Sleep Dumpage

7 12 2009

YAYAYAYAYAY!  The snow is back on WordPress!  That makes me so happy.  Gah, I am uber-tired.  And I still have to finish my reading assignments.  And I’ve let other things go that I should have done.  But I wanted to get some of today down because it was pretty important, IMO.  Before I delve in, really quickly I want to give you all the heads up that I plan on revamping my blog when I get some time to kill / want to put off stuff.  I’m going to add a page of major linkage as well as some list tabs with books and movies and stuff.  I like looking at that when others have it, so why not have one too.

Okay.  Today.  Exams are next week.  And teachers, like every year, are cramming in as much as possible in what little time we have left.  My biggest complaint is Physics II.  A lab and a test.  It kills me.  And I have my choir concerts this week.  We’re doing two this year.  Lovely.  Basically, Polly is coming with me to school tomorrow so hopefully I can get some stuff done quicker.

I posted a new video which is nice.  Getting comments, most of the time, it’s nice.  And then I remembered that rule I always seem to forget with posting a video.  If you post something with no content, your comments will reflect that.  So basically I’m getting all the “ur hawt” comments which I really don’t care for.  But I only have myself to blame because I didn’t give them anything to actually comment on.

Then my boat got rocked.  An email from YouTube about partnership.  Which was worded so ambiguously that I don’t really know if they were just offering me to adsense my video or if I’d be a partner too.  Can you just adsense single videos without being a partner?  They said I’d become a part of the partnership program.  Confused.  And then I couldn’t get them to add me as a partnership without submitting the video for adsense which I don’t want to do because, erm I don’t own the audio, yay.  So what was lovely has gone a little rancid, but things’ll iron themselves out.  I just can’t prioritize crackin’ the system at the moment.  After exams, kay?

Last weird thing of today.  I was a teenager/high schooler/ whatever you wanna call it again this afternoon.  I write about these things here as if they were rare occurrences, but what you have to, and I guess I have to, understand is that they are kinda rare.  The majority of my time is spent either at school with my nose to the grindstone or in my room halfway doing homework halfway boppin’ around the Tube, FB, the ljs I follow, etc., etc.  Then I shower when required, brush my hair not quite as often, eat when summoned, journal when I can, and sleep time-permitting.

So today was kinda special.  Even though it was probably ordinary for the four kids I was with, it wasn’t for me.  Today was rehearsal for the choir concert and there was a window of about an hour+ for my ensemble to leave the school before our next call time.  I was looking for my backpack in the PAC when Sam called my name and asked me to go with him and Scarlett and Ashton to Panda Express.  Sam and I had become buddies since musical, but still it made me glow that he invited me.  So I’m just crammed in Scarlett’s SUV with them all, the music is blaring stuff I don’t know, but good stuff like Beyonce and trippy dance music.  And it took us the greatest amount of time just to get out of the school parking lot because we all had to go get money from our cars.  And I dunno, it was just nice to eat crap food with them all and just be witty and hang out with people.  And Ashton who owed me two dollars [I spotted him in English for King Lear], gave me the dollar Chris gave him if he’d let him put the dollar in his pants.  Stripper style, yeah.  Guess Chris’s orientation.  I dunno, but I somehow every once in a while get sucked into these casual hang out things with people I’ve hardly ever spoken to more than as acquaintances.  But it was nice.

And that was stuff I usually put in my personal journal [hence name changes], so you just got a little glimpse at my life.  Other than complaining.  Now back to stuff.




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