Junk Bingeing and Finals

13 12 2009

I would like to commence this post by saying you all SUCK.  Like could you guys seriously leave me a comment from time to time?  I mean, I know Sanne reads this stuff, but I get at least 20 other hits a day, and I’d like to think they aren’t all bots/accidents.  So say hi!  Tell me who you are!

I have eaten SO much crap this weekend.  We have soda in the house which is incredibly rare.  It’s because my dad had his men’s group over, and men demand junk.  This is my second Sierra Mist this weekend.  I haven’t had soda since… France?  I never drink it.  And now that it’s there and it’s sweet, I have it.  Bad Marion.

But that’s not even the worst of it.  We have a bunch of candy and cookies in the pantry.  Stuff I like.  Craaaaap.  Like Reese’s Bells, Hershey’s Candy Cane Kisses, and these white oreo-like cookies.  Let’s just say I’m not holding back.  And I can already feel it in my jeans.  Greaaaaat.

Finals haven’t really hit me yet.  Even though they’re… um Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday of this week.  Yesterday I read about 100 pages in East of Eden, hauntingly fascinating book by the way.  Steinbeck is a confirmed favorite of mine.  I don’t care if I’ve only read Grapes of Wrath.  I love his writing.  I just spent an hour photocopying tables and diagrams from my Psychology book.  And I think I’m going to try to outline my English essay a bit tonight.  See, but I have to shower, and I’m watching this cool show on the History channel with actors and major movements in American history.  It’s cool.  Eddie Vedder is playing a Dylan song.  I’m gonna tag this post later.  I feel freakishly lazy.  Cookie time?




18 responses

13 12 2009


Just in case 😛

13 12 2009

I’m at the library studying for finals. I don’t want to spend my last days like this!

Prepare to eat unhealthy for a full 3 days. Just sayin.

13 12 2009

I check your blog every day.

Cause I have issues.

13 12 2009

(Is this enough yet? I don’t think so)

13 12 2009

WordPress is complaining.


13 12 2009

Hai! :3

Sorry for never leaving comments! haha
I love your blog though! :] I just feel like a creeper if I’m the only one commenting…

Okay, that doesn’t make sense.

AND I CAN RELATE WITH THE CANDY. I have a bag of mini chocolate chips in my house and I think I have finished off half the bag by myself. I never get the chance to make cookies with them because there are never choclate chips left to make cookies with, waah.

Good luck with finals! :] And may the force be with thou.

14 12 2009

Yay for chocolate, and of course the fact that this page is snowing!

14 12 2009

your rss feed has 50 subscribers as well.
hi! i read your blog! i don’t have anything else to say!

14 12 2009

Hi from Australia!

14 12 2009

i read this and i promise im not a bot 🙂 just sayin hii:D xx

15 12 2009

I usually drop in at least once a day, I didn’t want to be creepy haha.

15 12 2009

I’m calling it ‘The Christmas Pudge’ soon I’m going to be working out everyday just so I can justify the extra (or ten) Christmas cookies. 😀

15 12 2009

I’m sorry. Your reprimands have convinced me to leave a comment. I’m Michelle, 17 and from Australia and I do read your blog. I just never say anything back.


15 12 2009

It’s hard to comment when you never acknowledge ever reading it.

Good luck on finals !!!

16 12 2009

So what’s the news on the partnership stuff?

17 12 2009

Hello from Ireland.
God, looks well cheezy that does.

17 12 2009

Hello from Virgnia from the US! Je m’appelle Darlene. Sorry I don’t leave any comments, I guess I’m just lazy? But I love your blog, I’m glad you are back to updating more often!

3 01 2010

I also like to drop in everyone once in awhile, but sorry only from Chicago

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