So I have to write an essay. Again.

15 12 2009

Hi, guys!  And yes, I can confidently say that now because you guys proved to me I wasn’t just tuning my keyboard.  Wow, what a lovely turn out!  Yes, it feels as if I’ve had some sort of successful party with all the “hellos” you left me!  I feel the same way sometimes, but please, I promise I won’t think you are a creeper if you comment.  In fact I’ll heart you even more because I know it takes effort and guts to comment!

Also, people from AUSTRALIA read this?!  That is still really awesome to me.  Sanne, you’re not special.  You’re not from Australia.

I’m not planning on calling everyone out for not commenting every time I blog, but really, comments make me smile and remind me to keep this up.  So that’s that.

I basically wanted to pop in to say what I just did.  I talked to Shawna for the second/third? time in this past week today.  We’ve been inexcusably out of touch.  But all is well.  Nothing changes between the Mammoth and Mustang.  We have created “ninnies,” dealt with marriage proposals, worked on plans for this summer’s road trip + VidCon, and gave each other that Christian Side Hug.

Austin asked about the partner thing, and I can’t remember if I already talked about some of this in an earlier post, but I’m too lazy to look back so deal with redundant-Mar.  Basically, YouTube emailed me that if I wished to monetize my RPattz video, I’d be added to the Partnership Program.  Buuuuut since I can’t/don’t want to monetize it, I’m kind of in this limbo phase.  When I talked to Nanz about this, she just jumped onto my account and pretty much did my application.  I got an auto-reject because they aren’t accepting applications right now, but the same thing happened to her.  So I guess I’m just gonna sit tight and see if they contact me later.  Until then, I’m just going to ease myself back into video-making.

YouTube may have rejected me [for now], but you wanna know who didn’t?  The University of Chicago.  I found out I was accepted today.  This was the second hardest school I applied to, et je suis fière de moi-même.




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16 12 2009

I’m glad to hear you’ll be making more videos, I’ve liked yours for awhile. And congrats on getting into Chicago! Make sure not to worry so much about where your friends are going, picking a college is as selfish as it gets, and it has to be, otherwise you might not end up where you want to be in the future.

I’m thinking about getting a FlipUltraHD or a Kodak Zi8 and making some new videos…I deleted most of mine awhile ago since they’re now tied to my website. Who knows.

16 12 2009

Congrats on being accepted to UC! 😀 That’s awesome! Do you have any majors in mind yet? I know you are probably sick of hearing that question, haha! I’m just curious. :]


16 12 2009
Faith Burgess

I didn’t comment last time, but I have read your blog for a while… Anyway, yayness for being accepted to college!

17 12 2009


17 12 2009

congrats on the university of chicago.
i didnt comment on the last blog
but hey I’m Greg, im from Massachusetts

18 12 2009

Well don’t I feel a little special now, being Australian and all. You’ve convinced me to comment you another week.

Congratulations on getting into university! That’s amazing! What are you going to study?

Hopefully you make more videos soon ❤

– Michelle

19 12 2009

Film and acting.

27 12 2009

Congrats on getting into the University of Chicago!

And MARION! I comment… well… sometimes… And I’m from Australia! DIG pride, yo? ^_^


27 12 2009

I love your blog! I do I do I dooo! just informing you 😉 and I will definitely comment more to help feed your enthusiasm!
also: I am a fellow lookbook addict. but I lack an invite code 😦 would you be so kind as to send one my way?

28 12 2009

Hi. You demanded comments, and this is the most recent entry, so I’m commenting here. Found you from Marion the Nerdfightarian, and saw you’re from Indiana (as I am) and so subscribed/came here.

28 01 2010

Yo, how ’bout some bloggin.

3 02 2010

I’m going to go ahead and agree with booksandquills.

More blags.

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