1 03 2010

I feel as if I float around in a detached state of consciousness lately.  I can’t decide if it’s unpleasant or not.  I’m having difficulties concentrating in general though.  My mind flies around so much.  Homework is not getting done in a timely fashion either.  It’s not really so much that I don’t want to do it, but I have myself do enough other time wasting things so I don’t have time to do it.

Is it not a secret anymore if you say you sent a secret in to Post Secret?

I get anxiety when I think about my future.  And how I want to do acting.  This Ingrid Michaelson song isn’t helping.

I wish Shawna would get home so we could work out the road trip.  I want to finalize stuff.  It’s eating away at me.  I think I’m sort of living towards it in a way too.

I’m trying to work out prom as well.  Mom has ordered a limo we’re gonna split amongst our group of eight.  I told Neal I wouldn’t take him if he was still smoking.  But then that means I have to ask someone.  And I have an idea of someone, it’s just… well we’ve sort of never talked before.  And I mean “never talked before” in the sense that I didn’t even know he existed until this semester.  We have Gov together.  And he’s nice looking and he doesn’t have a girlfriend [a rarity at my school].  You may say, well don’t make it such a big deal.  But geeze.  I mean, when you have literally never exchanged words, and his friends are the jocky/popular-if-you-could-call-it-that group, you just fret.  I don’t even have any friends that know him that could plant the hint.

I had wanted to take Jake, but he’s, what, 23?  I forget.  But if you’re bringing someone from another school you have to have a signature from their principal and a copy of their drivers license.  And as handsome and charming as cohenism is, I doubt we would get through the hoops of fraud.

Here’s something else new.  I’m not using Pierre much.  But I want to take pictures more.  So I’ve researched and fallen in love with the Canon T2i.  I have a friend at school who is going to see if her mom would front her the money to buy Pierre from me.  If not, I think I’m going to clean him up and see what I can get for him off Amazon.  I’ll be about a hundo short for the T2i then, but that is why I cashier.  I expected myself to gush more about the camera, but I can’t seem to get myself to squeeze out any emotion.  Here’s a picture someone took with the T2i on Flickr.

I’m gonna pick something from Netflix instant streaming and try to get some calculus done.




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1 03 2010

From what i’ve seen the t2i is a crazy camera, haven’t shot on it yet, but it has that damn face sensor thing on the back so the screen shuts off if you hold it up to your face, which is great unless you go to review an image after it’s shot (i tend to set my camera to hold so it’ll stay there until i clear it) and your thumb passes it or something

1 03 2010

Things they don’t teach you in school:
Don’t think too hard about the future. Yes, it’s important and needs structuring, but if you can’t organize any of it yet and it’s worrying you, stop thinking about it – there’s no point in working yourself up about it.
This is kind of a guy secret that may get me kicked out of the Secret Order of Menfolk, but when trying to talk to guys, directness always works because it catches us off-guard (and because we hate the whole ‘my friend likes you, will you go with her?’ thing). Next time the guy’s around, strike up a conversation. Maybe you’ll become acquaintances and you can edge the prom question in at some point.
If you really want to take Jake instead, remember that it’s actually fairly easy to fiddle with documents that won’t be thoroughly checked over in the first place. I’m not necessarily telling you to try anything considered dodgy in the eyes of the law, but… jus’ sayin’.
Finally, calculus is totally, resoundingly, blazingly useless in real life and I guarantee that unless you decide to pursue a career in Scribbling Odd Things On Clipboards All Day, you’ll never need to use it. Get it over with quickly, and at the end of school you can relish the fact that for you, the calculus is over.
Hope this helped. Bye!

2 03 2010

Canon’s cameras are amazing! I have the XSi, and I love it. I’m sure the T2i is PRETTY AMAZING!

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