21 04 2010

My body seems to have turned against me.  Today was the worst it’s been all week.  I always forget I get allergies this time of year.  & when they hit me, I’m whiny and complainy and sniffly.  My eyes itch so wearing contacts and any eye make up is super fun.  But that’s usually the extent of it.  It lasts two, three weeks tops.

Yeah, something went wrong this year.  EVERY inch of my body feels like crap.  Just sitting here, I feel like a need a spittoon to dispose of the saliva that’s accumulated in my mouth over the last minute.  Drainage, yech.  My head is pounding.  I believe I put it something like “Jumangi Style” to who I was walking in the hall with.  So, with my throbbing tete, any sort of concentration feels peachy.  Then, I can’t swallow without extreme discomfort.  That one is actually my fault.  Last night I went to the Arts Cinema with two of my friends to see The Runaways.  We screamed The Runaways and Joan Jett music all the twenty minute ride home.  Seemed like a good idea at the time–how often do you get to headbang down 465 at 9PM?  But now talking and swallowing is painful.  One more thing that was my fault was eating an entire package of M&Ms.  My tongue and roof of my mouth have that funny cut up feeling.  And it makes everything I eat taste yuck.  My taste buds must be fried or something.

Let’s see.  What else is wrong with me?  Can’t breathe, check.  My shoulders, oh yeah.  Or maybe it’s just my upper back.  It’s SO tense lately.  Like I’m constantly anxious about something so I walk around with strained muscles.  I tried to stretch out on the carpet tonight.  Hopefully that’ll help.

My last and final woe.  Sleep.  I need it.  I crave it.  I never allow myself the time.  And it sucks and it’s catching up to me.  I skipped play practice after school to sleep until 6:30, got up and went to AP Calc review at school, went back to sleep at 9 to wake up around 11.  I just CAN’T do anything right now.  I think I’ll be able to push through my homework, it just sucks, man.

And what’s so funny is that I’m doing well mentally.  Like genuinely happy if I weren’t falling asleep on myself.

Prom Saturday.




3 responses

22 04 2010

I hope you write about your prom experience! And I hope you feel better.

22 04 2010

Feel better, Marion! And have fun at prom, my senior prom is this Saturday, too.

24 04 2010

hope you feel better soon! ❤ at least physical pain is sometimes easier to deal with than emotional.
and i hope we get to hear a prom update! 😀

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