Since twittah is down…

15 06 2010

We should be lovers!
& that’s a fact.

Though nothing would keep us together.

We could steal time…


This is probably the worst movie I could have chosen to become enthralled with.  At the present time.  In my present state of life.

Edit: Walked out of my room to fetch Sterling from the car, and I find Mom reading in the office right by my room, door open.  She’s NEVER up this late.

You’re still up?

“Yep.  Ten more pages.  You been singin’ in there?”

Awkward times.




2 responses

16 06 2010

Ahh I love this movie! Baz Luhrmann is my favorite and I’ve recently been obsessed with the movie, Australia.

28 06 2010

I have a Baz Luhrmann box set of his films! I haven’t seen most of them. Let’s do itttt.

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