My name is Marion.  I am 18 old.  I go to university in Los Angeles.  If I ain’t there, I’m probably in Indiana.  Or on the internet.  I rely far too much on the interwebz.   How did you find me?


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2 07 2008

Hey just to let you know about that video you posted its alright dont worry about what people think i did stupid videos like that and videos were i danced for fun and all i would get was stupid comments saying oh your gay and all that but hey i dont care and your very cute so i dont think you should care i know its hard not to but all you can do is at least try. your new firend

chris – myspace.com/chriscloyd

2 08 2009

I found you through the vlogbrothers of course! I find you rediculously cute and rather quirky.

18 12 2009

Marion the Nerdfightarion. That’s how.


18 07 2010

I think I found your youtube channel through missxrojas. Your videos are pretty good – how about doing them more often?

You said you get a lot of British people where you live. Why? I’m British & I don’t really know that much about Indiana.


30 08 2010

Well… I found your blog through my recommendations on Google Reader if I’m honest and thought your blog posts were really interesting. I suppose I should start watching you on YouTube then! 🙂

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