New Things

21 07 2010

Would you like to know what my summer has primarily consisted of?  Apart from ending sentences with prepositions, I usually sleep in, don’t bother getting dressed [and a lot of the time not showering as well, yes “ew”], sit in my room with my bathrobe on, and putz around the internet.  You can kill time surprisingly quickly on the internet.  Facebook, Twitter, tumblr, Google Reader, email, YouTube, Dailybooth, and repeat.  I’ve been making lists for what I need to buy for uni this fall, updating my Urban Outfitters wishlist.  All the while, I try not to overeat.  Because I’m bad about eating because there is nothing else to do.  The only days I leave the house is when I have to work [about 3-4 days a week] or when I make plans with someone [about once a week].

Today I tried to be a bit better.  I showered, first of all.  Then I listened to all the This American Life episodes that had built up in my iTunes and now I’m working on sermons posted by my old unitarian church in Memphis.  Where the reverend reminded me so much of Albus Dumbledore.  With the audio in the background, I’ve gotten out a sketchbook I bought years ago, but never used, and drew my dorm room, blueprint style.  Then I plan to do a design version and a wall version so I can get a sense of how I want to arrange my magazine pages and posters.

And there’s still stuff I should be doing, and I am avoiding it and I wish I knew why.  I have a video to edit and post.  Like proooooonto, must do that today.  But I’ve also got some new video ideas, and I just haven’t been able to bring myself to produce them.  I come up with every excuse in the book:  Dad is right in the room next door / he’ll hear you talking to yourself [see, I should be WAY over that kinda thing by now, but I’m actually NOT], I’m too lazy, I haven’t showered / my hair looks like crap.  And it goes on and on.  It makes me sad.  I also need to start assessing what I’m going to be taking from my room to Los Angeles.  Which means I need to start cleaning.  And I’m a small-scale pack rat, so imagine the fun that brings out.

Pretty much what I want to do today is catch up on these sermons, continue sketching, google image search how I want to dye my hair [I’m thinking red], and order a veggie pizza for dinner.

But you, yes, you, were here for the new things.  I have had a couple firsts in the past month that I felt I should share with you.


  • flight to LAX
  • time using a GPS car system — Mom and I wouldn’t have made it to our hotel without it
  • Chipotle burrito — & I wasn’t that impressed.  Don’t get the hype.  Bajio’s rice is better, imo.