Little rooftop voices

21 09 2010

For some reason this popped into my mind while walking home from the gym.  When I lived in Tennessee, my dad and I would do this thing.  We would go to Wal-Mart, be-grudgingly.  Before they built the Kroger, it was the closet place around that sold organic milk.  Now the Wal-Mart clientele north of Memphis are a special breed of people.  One way of putting up with having to go to Wal-Mart was to play this game.  I don’t know who came up with it, me or him.  But when we would walk past someone in the parking lot, one of us would speak out of the side of our mouth, barely moving our lips [kinda in the same fashion as when one makes a trumpet sound with their mouth], and in a high-pitched, but quiet voice would say “Help, helllllp.  I’m up here.  Look, up here.  I’m stuck on the roof.  Help me!  Hellllllp meeeeee!”

The key was to have the vocalist avoid all eye contact, stare at the ground if possible, and have the other member watch for people’s reactions.  And every so often, we would get someone who would stop their shopping cart, crane their neck, and squint towards the distant roof of the Wal-Mart warehouse.  Maybe, just maybe, there was someone up there who really freakin’ wanted to get down.


Junk Bingeing and Finals

13 12 2009

I would like to commence this post by saying you all SUCK.  Like could you guys seriously leave me a comment from time to time?  I mean, I know Sanne reads this stuff, but I get at least 20 other hits a day, and I’d like to think they aren’t all bots/accidents.  So say hi!  Tell me who you are!

I have eaten SO much crap this weekend.  We have soda in the house which is incredibly rare.  It’s because my dad had his men’s group over, and men demand junk.  This is my second Sierra Mist this weekend.  I haven’t had soda since… France?  I never drink it.  And now that it’s there and it’s sweet, I have it.  Bad Marion.

But that’s not even the worst of it.  We have a bunch of candy and cookies in the pantry.  Stuff I like.  Craaaaap.  Like Reese’s Bells, Hershey’s Candy Cane Kisses, and these white oreo-like cookies.  Let’s just say I’m not holding back.  And I can already feel it in my jeans.  Greaaaaat.

Finals haven’t really hit me yet.  Even though they’re… um Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday of this week.  Yesterday I read about 100 pages in East of Eden, hauntingly fascinating book by the way.  Steinbeck is a confirmed favorite of mine.  I don’t care if I’ve only read Grapes of Wrath.  I love his writing.  I just spent an hour photocopying tables and diagrams from my Psychology book.  And I think I’m going to try to outline my English essay a bit tonight.  See, but I have to shower, and I’m watching this cool show on the History channel with actors and major movements in American history.  It’s cool.  Eddie Vedder is playing a Dylan song.  I’m gonna tag this post later.  I feel freakishly lazy.  Cookie time?


4 04 2009

It was a tough drive.  When I drove, I sped like nobody’s business.  Seriously though.  I was Cullen-esque.  To the point where I had my mother white knuckling the door handle-y things.  I should have been pulled over.  I am actually a really tense, cautious driver, but I wanted to be out of the car and home, so when I offered to drive I felt obligated to make up the time of my mother’s pokey speed.

Dad had Indian food for us when we got home.  Granted we had to fight with him over the phone to get him to get it, but regardless, it’s good to have some paneer tikka masala after a painful day of driving.

I’ve decided that I have a love for dust motes.  Excuse me while I add that to my Facebook interests.  — Changes saved.

I try to make my titles pertain to what is going to be discussed in my blogs.  This usually means I have to sit and stew a while over what the title needs to be.  Tonight’s wasn’t too tough though.

I got home and dragged my suitcase up the back stairs and just felt empowered to do things.  To unpack.  Put away my piles of clothes.  Finish my homework so I can use the rest of tomorrow to revel in its day-dum.  It is a nice feeling.  I’ll let you know if I acted on it.

I’m supposed to talk about colleges, but I’m going to put that off.

Before I shut down Polly for the night, I’m gonna research some French music for my trip.  Please comment with any suggestions; I’d greatly appreciate it.

By its right name.

20 01 2009

You know, today was an okay day.  It was a lazy day as someone put it.  I never got out of my pajamas.  I never took my hair out of a ponytail.  I finished Into the Wild early this morning.  Yes, Sanne, I think you should read it.  The book is really well written.  Unfortunately, and I’m really just not sure why, I was very impatient while reading.  But I’ve found that I’m just more impatient lately.  I think if maybe I had tackled this when my transcendentalist kick was still fresh I’d be raving stark mad over this book.  But now all I can say is it was good, and I’m glad I can say I’ve read it.

Dad went into work late so he could watch the inauguration.  I wonder how many blogs have been written about it today?  It’s weird, kinda witnessing history and all.  I’m happy.  Obama truly does fill me with hope, and I genuinely felt patriotic watching the ceremony and all those people coming together.  It’s nice feeling okay about your own country.  To kind of think, wow, I’m really lucky.

On a lighter note, pretty much the entire time my dad and I ad-libbed what we thought the former presidents, vps, first ladies, and other various attendees were thinking or could be saying.  It’s kinda sad how little I know about some of them.  Some names I didn’t even recognize, while Dad’s preaching that Roberts is “right wing kook.”  I mean, I don’t even know why people hate Cheney so much.  I just know he’s a “dirty trickster.”  Anyway, it was still fun putting silly words in people’s mouths and especially getting my dad to laugh.

Also, I don’t know if this bothered anyone else, but the faltering dialogue when Obama was sworn in?  I would have been mortified.  I guess that’s why I can never be a politician.  Those things just can’t bother you.  You have to move on.

After that I started on A Great and Terrible Beauty, a book given to me by a friend for Christmas.  At the beginning, I was really unimpressed with the writing.  It’s just flat and predictable.  Like me?  Oh self deprecation, will I ever escape you?  Anyway, it got a little more interesting, but the quality to me at least is still meh.  I hate being a harsh critic.  Maybe it’s just because I’ve just come off reading something so heavy and deep as McCandless.

I called Mom and asked her if she would rent Into the Wild and bring it home.  Apparently our signals got mixed up because she brought home a purchased one!  Which is nice, but gosh, it’s a tough movie.  It’s hard for me to imagine watching it more than once.  I started the moment she brought it home with my take out Indian food on my lap.  I must say I really enjoyed it.  Typical closet Twilighter me was stoked to see Kristen, but I wasn’t ready for the movie to be over when her part passed.  I really enjoyed Emile Hirsch.  God, he’s beautiful.  I only doubted him in the old man scene.  Otherwise, the shots were gorgeous.  It’s fun being a YouTuber sometimes because you watch movies differently.  At least I do now.

Moles & Snowy Drives

6 12 2008



img_03001I’m very photo-journaly lately.  It’s really the only thing at the moment that’s getting me to blog.  These first set of photos are from Mole Day at my school which was Friday.  Usually it’s held on October 23rd, but it conflicted with our fall break so we had to move it.  As for what Mole Day is, it’s not the celebration of beauty marks or even the tiny brown mammals, contrary to these pictures.  It’s pretty much an excuse for the chemistry department to have an all-day party in honor of Avogadro’s Number 6.02 x 10^23, or the mole.  


Everyone in chemistry has to do a project, and my teacher is so ridiculously easy that expectations for my class were very low.  I just made brownie muffins [no fat ;)] with white chocolate chips for eyes and called them “mole”ffins.  Other classes had some really kick ass stuff though.  I mean, just look at the photos!  Someone made the Quidditch stadium for crying out loud & little moles of Volde and Ron, AND then Whomping Willow!  There was also a larger “Mole”demort someone made which was jokes.  Some people went all out, and I love it when that entails Potter.

The other photos I have are from just an hour or so earlier when Dad was driving me back home.  I really love the snow.  It’s still coming down pretty hard.  I’m in the kitchen now. Mom is cooking because we are having company.  We never have company which, trust me, doesn’t devastate me too much.  What’s funny is Mom is having Dad run around the house putting up photographs because our house still looks like we just moved in in some rooms.  With my last house, we hung our pictures when we were SELLING it  :]

snow1 snow2